Now this is not in Charlotte, but looks like…

03 Aug

The hubby and I are on vacation in the land of unsweet tea, no grits and drivers that make their own lanes.  While up here we wanted to tour the United States Military Academy at West Point located in Highland Falls, New York.  A very picturesque town going up the Hudson River,  it sits at the bend and widest point of the Hudson.

While on the tour we went through the Cadet’s Chapel, which is the large Gothic Style Chapel on post.  Built in 1910, it had held weddings, funerals and is an active chapel used on a weekly basis by those on post.  It also boasts the largest pipe organ used by a church in the United States as well as the “Bride’s Escape Door” which was designed for brides with cold feet (never used!).  Each of the windows were gifted by each of the classes that graduated starting in 1911.  Now if you look at it, it may remind you of a church in Charlotte that was designed by Mr. Louis Asbury:

Cadets Chapel_West Point_2017  Photo taken by the author

Now, doesn’t this look like Myers Park United Methodist Church?

I am really enjoying myself up here, but I wish I could find a place that served a good fried chicken dinner (no not Popeye’s – a place like Price’s Chicken Coop!)

I am attaching some pictures that I took inside the Chapel – enjoy!

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